About Us

T-Design9 LLC is a small company focused on designing and manufacturing accessories for Porsche cars. Small things that make huge difference in making Porsche more user friendly. We are all big Porsche enthusiasts, everybody involved drives a Porsche. So, unlike many other companies, we design from personal experience and we are always the first to use our products. Every day. And that's why we always come up with the best stuff!

To ensure quality, all assembly and most of the manufacturing is done right here in USA.

The company address is:
T-Design9 LLC, 8695 Woodland Forest, Alto, MI 49302, USA

The best way to send us a request or a question: info@T-Design9.com

Vlad Trusevich, T-Design9 owner at Porsche museum in Stuttgart

contact us: info@T-Design9.com